Posledný Strikeout 2017 (Dušan Šišolák Memorial) – results

Published 19. September 2017

Weekend is over. Field is cleaned, covered, no sign of biggest club tournament was there on Saturday still. Tournament which began three years ago as few friendly matches between teams willing to play few games before the end of the season… Original schedule promised three days of good baseball by four Czech and four Slovak teams. […]

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Why Dušan Šišolák Memorial?

Published 13. September 2017

Who was Dušan Šišolák? I think that we disappointed our father, Dušan Šišolák significantly only twice: first time, as kids we started to cheer for Inter Bratislava, which was for him – whole life Slovan fan, long time player -very hard. Second time, when we stopped playing soccer and started to play baseball… More than […]

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Posledný Strikeout 2017 (Dušan Šišolák Memorial)

Published 12. September 2017

Complete Schedule, Game system, play-by-play, stats, fb link available for all now here: Group A                                                                              Group B (A1) Fighting […]

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Half success on Sunday

Published 11. September 2017

Both teams started their fall season this Weekend. Three hours game GSIFF vs. Angels Trnava ended with Victory of visitor 14:17. Final Four is scheduled for 7.-8.10. in Devínska Nová Ves. Saturday 07.10. – semifinal games are scheduled and Sunday 08.10. – third place game and finale. Men traveled to Brno for JMOP (5th-8th place game). […]

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Fall Season starts

Published 6. September 2017

Fall Season starts for both cadets and men on Sunday. Cadets are hosting Angels Trnava at home at 15:30. Men are traveling to Brno for game vs. Moravská Beseda. Both teams are seeking for revenge and we hope they will be successful. We will try to broadcast the game vs. Moravska Beseda live thru iScore […]

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Toreros Cup 2017 – tournament without winner

Published 28. August 2017

Slovak baseball history does not remember a tournament without winner. 7th international baseball tournament Toreros Cup started on Friday with Pool B games. Winner of this group: Toreros Topoľčany was a surprise for everyone. After Victory over Stinky Sox and dramatic last inning with Seals Košice, home tema finished at first place in Pool B. Game […]

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Toreros Cup 2017

Published 25. August 2017

In less than one hour starts the oldest international baseball tournament in Slovakia: Toreros Cup 2017. Teams from Hungary, Austria and Slovakia are divided to two groups. Group A: Piratas del Caribe (AUT) Fighting Flies Bratislava (SVK) BK Martin (SVK) Group B: BK Seals Košice (SVK) Stinky Sox Jászberény (HUN) Toreros Topoľčany (SVK) Game system: teams play each […]

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Tempo Titans Praha – Posledný Strikeout 2017 – participants introduction

Published 24. August 2017

Last Czech team coming to Bratislava this year is Tempo Titans Praha. Well known team and players for us as we meet regularly every year in Prague for their tournament. “Céčko” – part of baseball club Tempo Titans Praha, team composed mostly of players with families and job, playing baseball for fun. Guys are together […]

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Brickfield Bratislava – Posledný Strikeout 2017 – participants introduction

Published 23. August 2017

Brickfield Bratislava is a baseball team made of former successful players from Spiders, Felo and Slovan Bratislava. Most guys still remember last Slovak Extraleague Victory in 2010. This year the team is not playing a regular season, so they can focus to tournaments. Some players are hosting in other teams. Strapko, Laluha, Petríček and Tietz […]

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Pelikans Bučovice – Posledný Strikeout 2017 – participants introduction

Published 21. August 2017

Pelikans Bučovice are celebrating their 35th Anniversary. Founded in 1982, started with softball. Since 1990 baseball is being played in Bučovice. Easy start and participation in local leagues, Pelikans made it in 1999 to Moravská baseballová liga and then to Českomoravská liga. In 2008 cause of players shortage A-team broke up. But Pelikans kept working with […]

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