We are back…

Published 12. October 2016

It took longer than we expected, but our website is now functional again. Some changes you notice at first sight, some while browsing. Articles, pictures and roster update to follow. gofflies

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Direction Bučovice

Published 4. May 2016

Dear Fans, U15 team is having a weekend off. Seniors are traveling to Bučovice. Will Denis Hatvany hit another 3R HR like last year? GO FFLIES!

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Baseball weekend

Published 28. April 2016

Dear Fans, this weekend will be full of baseball and challenges. Will U15 team win a game against Angels Trnava on Saturday. Can we expect first victory of men in Brno? Come and watch our games. GO FFLIES!

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Baseball Sunday

Published 13. April 2016

Upcoming Sunday will be full of baseball. Doubleheader against Apollo Bratislava in Devniska Nova Ves is waiting for our U15 team and seniors are traveling to Blansko for first season game. If Blansko is too far for you, come to cheer for cadets in Devínska. GO FFLIES!

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Pre-Season Game 2

Published 8. April 2016

Second pre-season game for our men´s team will start this Sunday at 11:00 in Devínska Nová Ves. Weather should be nice, so you are welcome to come and cheer for Flies. 🙂 GO FFLIES!

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Game 1 – U15 Season 2016

Published 1. April 2016

Dear fans, U15 team (common project of GoodSports and Fighting Flies) will play first 2016 Season game against Seals Košice. Game start: 15:30 at Apollo field in Podunajské Biskupice. Players will enjoy your support. GO FFLIES!

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Pre-Season Game 1

Published 24. March 2016

Dear Fans! Finally… Winter is hopefully over and this Sunday our seniors team will play a game against Brickfield Bratislava. We haven´t practice much on the field, but we will do our best, so you could see a good game. 🙂 If you don´t know, how to spend a nice Sunday morning, come to watch. […]

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Mountain baseball clinic 2016

Published 20. January 2016

If there is a winter or not, baseball must be! 🙂 Teams in Amerika are slowly preparing for spring training and we can not be worse. Just sunny coast of Florida change for a small lovely village Ostružná in Jeseniky (CZ). This weekend will be the 16th year of the Mountan baseball clinic, on which […]

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Last strikeout 2015

Published 24. September 2015

Dear fans, We would like to invite you this Sunday (Sep 27th) to men season-closing tournament on our field in Devínska Nová Ves. Tournament rules: each team plays 2 games. Time limit: 2hrs/game or 7 innings Schedule: 11:00 hod. Fighting Flies Bratislava (SVK) – Brickfield Bratislava (SVK) 13:30 hod. Brickfield Bratislava (SVK) – Pelicans Bučovice […]

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Fall season started

Published 8. September 2015

After a long summer break caused by holidays, vacations and other activities we are back in full strenght for Men´s play-off and upcomming U15 play-off. Men: 3rd place in Regular season ment a semi-final game against Draci Brno. After leading for 7 innings, where Draci scored 10 runs we lost the game 13:10. But some […]

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