Flies with injuries keep playing

Published 3. June 2013

Sunday´s game against Vindija Varaždin was significantly marked by ongoing injuries. Decimated team started the game with following Line up: 6/lf SISOLAK Ma.; 23/c NITSCHNEIDER D.; 85/p HATALA T.; 20/1b KOVAC M.; 13/3b MELLO J.; 47/cf HEGER B.; 44/2b MACEK R.; 90/ss FILIPOVIC S.; 73/rf BENA P. Almost every player brought some gash from the past season. Therefore Šimon Filipovič had to play short stop. Fifth inning determined the winner of the game Vindija Varaždin as they scored five runs lead and Flies were not able to eliminate. Six strikeouts thrown by Tomáš Hatala (in 8 innings) and good defensive play of Šimon Filipovič at the short stop are remarkable points of this game.

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