A-team 2013 season is over

Published 9. September 2013

Last couple weeks our men´s team played a semifinal series against White Angels Trnava.
Since we have worked on the field as much as Angels has been practicing this difference has been obvious on the field.
We lost the series 3:0 and the Angels will play the Finale for Slovak Champion against Slovan Bratislava.
They beat surprisingly Apollo Bratislava also 3:0. Flies are done for the season. With the beginning of winter practices
significant changes will be applicable so we can transform our skills and power achieved at the field work to the
practices in the gym and fitness to be ready for the next season.

Next weekend the Final Four tournament of Interleague Champion will take place in Karlovac.
Apollo Bratislava, White Angels Trnava, Olympia Karlovac and NADA Split are the participants.

Extraleague final series will start in two weeks.

Gallery from WAT-FFB 31.08. you can find here: http://fightingflies.sk/en/galeria/ffb-wat-31-08-13



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