U15: Apollo Bratislava vs. GSIFF

Published 10. May 2017

Dear Fans,

here we bring you games report from Kečo Kečáldes – U15 Head coach.

08th May  – bank holiday in Slovakia was perfect date for double-header against Apollo Bratislava. 5:14 L and 10:6W

First game:
Apollo scored 10 runs in first inning and our players looked frustrated. But we cheered them up to work hard. It was worth it. Our first offense was scoreless, but next inning opponent scored only one run and we were able to score five. Ján Pavlov – 2RBI.  After first two innings the game was worth to watch even Apollo scored three more runs and we lost.

Second game:
Again, Apollo scored five runs in first inning. But we played out at home and two 6-4 outs. (Jakub Lencz and Marko Miklovič). Tripple followed by home plate steal by Ján Pavlov started our offense. Solid performance of both teams made the game worth to watch again. This one ended with our Victory 10:6

Too bad we´ve got ten runs in first inning in the first game. Even performance was better after, we were not able to cut the difference. Players took advantage of opponent defense errors and we scored runs. Pitchers tried many pick-offs which is a good sign for next games. But also Apollo took advantage of our errors, especially in the first game, but we will work on that.

Some more highlights:
Very good cooperation of Maťo Gieci on the mound with Ján Pavlov (C) as they caught runner stealing home plate
Jakub Lencz and his hit by golf swing as he hit the ball after touched home plate.
Pickoff by Jakub Lencz and runner out.

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