BK Martin – Posledný Strikeout 2017 – participants introduction

Published 3. August 2017

As promised, we would like to introduce all participants of Posledný Strikeout 2017

BK Martin – team founded by Roman Paučin in 2013. Newest and youngest slovak baseball team. As the only one in central Slovakia.
Participating on tournaments (like Toreros Cup 2014/2015), playing friendly games with teams from Bratislava, Trnava, Topoľčany.
Soccer practice field at Martin stadium is their temporary home, where practices are held twice a week.
Main goal is to build a baseball field in Martin, get more people involved to the game.

Once a year “BASEBALL weekend MARTIN” takes place to show baseball to people in the city and play a “home” game.


more on FB: baseball martin

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