Cadets won, A-team still couldn´t break the Szentendre curse

Published 22. April 2013

Cadets won, A-team still couldn´t break the Szentendre curse

It has been 15 years since first game between Fighting Flies and Szentendre Sleepwalkers. For this whole time are this two teams playing against each other in Interleague or European cups. Sadly, this Saturday the  „sheep curse“ of local stadium was not broken and the Sleepwalkers from nice suburb of Budapest are probably winning the race for „most unpopular opponent“ of Fighting Flies Bratislava.

The Saturday game was very similar to last seasons games. Fighting Flies have started very well and led after 4 innings 8 : 0. But then home team changed a pitcher and Flies did score just one more run in next 5innings. Opposite to Fighting Flies, the Sleepwalkers have start to add more and more runs every inning until they took the final lead and won the game 15 : 9. Positive is a very good pitching debut on the mound for Dušan Nitschneider and beautiful Tomaš Hatala’s double, which almost flied out of the ballpark.

This Saturday (27.april) is waiting on Fighting Flies a doubleheader with  the local rival Slovan Bratislava on field in Podunajske Biskupice.


The first doubleheader with Slovan Bratislava, should show how prepared are the Fighting Flies cadets for new season. The good work through long winter has pay out and the cadets started the season with two wins.

Our young prospects have won 19 : 2 and 19 : 1 after great pitching performances of Patrik Gašparík, which has also a great day at the plate with two doubles and one triple, and Denis Hatvany, which alowed only one run in the game. It’s important to say, that also Sasky Selická has hit two doubles.

Cadets next game will be at May 15th. They will play against Apollo.

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