Toreros Cup 2018

Published 16. August 2018

Most hectic baseball week in Bratislava is over and now, we can focus on one of the season highlight: Toreros Cup 8th annual year of oldest tournament in Slovakia will take place next week in Topoľčany. The draw promises good baseball as always: Group A: Piratas del Caribe (AUT) Tornádo Martin (SVK) Toreros Topoľčany (SVK) Group B: […]

European Championship Qualifier U23

Published 31. July 2018

Seven days of good baseball to be brought by ten national teams on the way… We haven´t fool around and now we are not either. Two weeks ago was our field home for U22 Greek Softball team and their training camp for U22 European Championship, which ended last Sunday in Trnava. (Greece ended at 9th place) Right […]

Fighting Flies – Angels Trnava 1:5

Published 29. June 2018

First of last two games in Extraleague regular season was scheduled for Tuesday June 26th in Devínska Nová Ves. Game was tight and quite fast. Batters of both teams were not able to break the defense and score was 0:00 till fourth inning. In fourth our two errors caused three runs for Angels and we […]

SVK U12 training camp and tournament

Published 22. June 2018

Let´s switch from men´s baseball to kids for little while. We would like to invite you to Devínska Nová Ves this weekend, where U12 National Team will get ready for upcoming European Championship. Two practice units and tournament with teams from Czech Republic and Hungary will take place on Saturday:   Saturday 23.6. 12:00 – 13:30 […]

Results Summary (JMOP + Extralegaue)

Published 22. June 2018

  Two leagues, two different teams? /JMOP/ Fighting Flies – Olympia Blansko B 2:9 On Sunday 10th June we traveled to Blansko for game against currently second team in the league: Olympia B. Beautiful stadium, but we have no luck there in last years. Very good hitting from the start by Olympia earned them runs […]

JMOP report

Published 4. June 2018

Our position in JMOP is very different from extraleague. With only one win and five losses we are now at seventh place (out of nine) Last two games we have tied record 1:1 Big drama in Kucharovice vs. Ježci Jihlava till very ende. This result will history remember. Without great pitching performance by Martin Strapko […]

Extraleague summary

Published 4. June 2018

Dear fans, after longer break caused by technical issues, we are back with report from last three Extraleague games. (JMOP report in next article) Two games against Tornado martin and one vs. Apollo Bratislava are over and all ended as expected. Need to say, that in first game vs. Tornado Martin it looked quite long […]

Apollo Bratislava – Fighting Flies 18:4

Published 17. May 2018

Local derby after four years. We knew that Apollo is not an easy team to play. We started well, scoring three runs in first inning, but Apollo replied with five (2x HR). In next two innings they scored twice, we added only one run. In fourth and fifth they scored five in each and we […]

Fighting Flies – Draci C 9:20

Published 17. May 2018

Sunday´s game was little special for some players as you don´t get a chance to play at MBS every day. Listed as home team in the schedule, we started in defense. Draci started quickly and scored twelve times in first two innings. We were able to bring only two runs home. Their runners punished our […]

Fighting Flies – Apollo B 9:6

Published 3. May 2018

It´s easier and more pleasant to write about wins. We had hope, this moment should come soon and came… yesterday. 🙂 After four years men´s team joined Extraleague and after the agreement between all teams was Wednesday selected as game day too. Our yesterday´s opponent was unknown for us, as we never played reserve team […]

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