Moravská Beseda – Fighting Flies 19:9

Published 3. May 2018

Last Sunday, we took a trip to Kraví hora again, but this time to play versus older generation of players from Technika Brno. With less players available, than at the home game vs. Foxes, but ready to play hard and beat Beseda after two years in Regular season. It is very important to say, that […]

Fighting Flies – Foxes Brno 0:10

Published 3. May 2018

Two weeks ago, we opened season at our home field too. Ready to show the best performance in front  of our fans against new team Foxes Brno, which started up from by split from Hroši Brno. First inning proved, that it will not be so easy as we expected. Visitors scored twice in first and we […]

Technika Reds – Fighting Flies 6:5

Published 16. April 2018

First game of Season 2018 JMOP brought us to Brno for a game against last year´s champion Technika Reds. Need to say, that we have the lowest Age average of our team in last ten-fifteen years. But guys were not afraid at all. We started batting first as visitors and scored once in first inning, with […]

Spring Training 2018 – Topolčany

Published 10. April 2018

Last year´s idea with Spring training was pretty good, so we decided to do it this year again. With hope in better weather and higher temperatures, we hit the road in the count of 15 players. Main goal was to integrate new players to the team, practice hard before new season and find weaknesses of the team. We […]

Season 2018 is here!

Published 23. March 2018

Winter is almost over, first spring day already behind us, even it does not look like it outside. Season start is coming quickly. This Sunday we will meet at the field for first spring field work. Men´s team only will participate in leagues this season, but in two. After few years Slovak Extra league will […]

Posledný Strikeout 2018 – Sign up

Published 21. February 2018

Date of our third annual tournament Posledný Strikeout – Dušan Šišolák Memorial is known. Registration for the teams is open now. Max number of participants: 8 Date: 14.-16.09.2018 Registration Fee: 50,00 EUR for more info, please contact us: #gofflies #poslednystrikeout

Donate your 2% to baseball

Published 30. January 2018

Dear fans, slowly but surely it´s here the time of taxes and decision making to whom donate your 2% from taxes. If undecided, Flies are here. We will co-organize U23 Qualifier in summer and we would like to do some field work to fulfill strict European rules. Last Strikeout will take place in fall again. Tournament […]

Mountain Baseball Clinic 2018

Published 12. January 2018

New Year´s eve is gone, holidays are over and we started to work hard again. As usually, third weekend in January belongs to Mountain Baseball Clinic. Fifth year straight attendance for Flies (more or less people, but always) After ten years, new location, but same concept – interesting presentations, discussions and of course after-hours diplomatic meetings […]

Season´s greetings

Published 20. December 2017

There are so many Christmas wishes, it´s hard to take your attention with something extra. No need to evaluate ending year, we would like to thank to all players, fans, sponsors, partners and mainly our families. Without your support throughout the whole year it will be hard. We wish you peaceful and quiet holidays, all […]

Men’s Season 2017 – An evaluation from the perspective of the head coach

Published 16. November 2017

This season had several historical moments: batting cage in the gym, a pre-season concentration, a full-time foreign player, a night game, a tournament without a winner… At the beginning of winter training, it seemed that the season could be better than the previous one. For the first time in our history we set up a […]

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