Draci Brno C vs. Fighting Flies

Published 16. June 2017

Denis Hatvany – 16K, Complete Game! Yusyuun Tokunaka – 2x triple, 4 RBI.. but let´s start from the beginning.

Four years ago, when we signed up for this league, who would ever tell, that we will play a night game at MBS one day?
For most players it was a little feast since date and time for this game was set. That´s also a reason, why 16 players hit the road yesterday.

Game started as expected. Draci with no loss this year at first place vs. Fighting Flies at place 8th. After few errors in our defense, they scored four runs in first inning.
We scored twice after three hits and one error. Tense was still visible at our players in second and Draci scored three more runs. After three single hits and tripple by Yusyuun Tokunaka we scored
three runs also. In third Draci scored only twice, but even that was enough to make it four runs difference for them as we scored no runs. Since fourth Denis did not allow any runs, but we haven´t scored either. Turnover came in fifth. Experienced Hynek Čapka came to the mound for Draci. It took a while, till we got used to his pitches, but we scored twice in fifth and sixth. Game started all over with even score 9:9. 7th inning – big inning. With two hits, one HP we loaded the bases. At bat Yusyuun Tokunaka hit another tripple and batted in three runs. We added one more after an defense error. Well playing defense and great performance by Denis Hatvany led us to a final victory: 13:9. Game ended at 22:20

We would like to thank Draci Brno, that they allowed us this little baseball feast, which we will remember for long time.


Last regular season game is scheduled on Sunday in Olomouc.


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