Express Brno – Winner of Kuchařovice tournament

Published 10. October 2017

Cold and windy. Mostly windy, but we survived. 🙂 Some of us suffered the consequences, but the season is over.

Four games were due in Kuchařovice, two of them against teams we had never faced before: Express Brno and STB Ostrava. Although just a few players made it to the tournament, we left a good impression. With 13 earned runs, we were the second best defence in the tournament. On the other hand, we were the worst offense with only 13 runs scored . In our defense, we must say that all teams but us were hitting with aluminum bats.

Three tight losses and one win made us get to the fourth place out of five. Games were played 60 minutes each and our come-back came late. But the result in this tournament was not so important. 🙂 Great atmosphere, nice people, and good organization are the reasons why we felt good as the tournament reached 22 years. Congratulations to Express Brno – winner of the tournament with a perfect record, as well as the HR Derby.

Results and standings:

Aligátoři Titans FF Express STB
Aligátoři 7:6 6:4 5:8 3:9
21:27 3.
Titans 6:7 1:7 1:11 10:6
18:31 5.
FF 4:6 7:1 2:3 0:3
13:13 4.
Express 8:5 11:1 3:2 10:1
32:9 1.
STB 9:3 6:10 3:0 1:10
19:23 2.

Men´s 2017 Season oficially ended with this tournament. It did not start well, but in the second half we woke up and won some games. 🙂
Season Summary by our head-coach to be posted soon.


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