Fighting Flies – Angels Trnava 1:5

Published 29. June 2018

First of last two games in Extraleague regular season was scheduled for Tuesday June 26th in Devínska Nová Ves.

Game was tight and quite fast. Batters of both teams were not able to break the defense and score was 0:00 till fourth inning.
In fourth our two errors caused three runs for Angels and we were able to score only once. In next two innings dropped balls from glove in outfield enabled Trnava to score
two more runs. We were not able to score anymore, cause of great pitching performance by Angels and game ended 1:5 for Trnava.

Big thanks to our fans for coming. Hope you liked the game, even the result was not so good for us.

Team    1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    R    H    E    L
Angels Trnava    0    0    0    3    1    1    0    0    5    6    0    8
Fighting Flies Bratislava    0    0    0    1    0    0    0    –    1    4    4    8


Yesterday´s game cancelled due to bad weather and is re-scheduled to end of august/beginning of september. We take now couple weeks off, but we have to get ready for the biggest national team event in Slovakia: U23 European Championship Qualifier (06.08. – 12.08.) in Bratislava.

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