Fighting Flies vs. Hroši Brno B

Published 29. May 2017

We were heading to Brno yesterday with very tight roster as many players left behind cause of sickness or work duties. Our goal was to play whole game without ending by mercy rule.
This time we had a scorekeeper so we can give you better picture thru the game (thanks to Roman Maček). Startin line-up against A-Team reserve of Hroši Brno: P: Ortega, C: Tokunaka, 1B: Matejov, 2B: M. Šišolák, 3B: S. Šišolák / D. Achberger, SS: Strapko, LF: Lencz, CF: A. Horváth, RF: Knápek.

First at bat from our side was scoreless and Hroši scored once. Second inning started with a hit to right (M. Šišolák), next batter Matejov moved him with a ground out to second. Filip Lencz with anonther FC hit moved Šišolák to third. Andrej Horváth blasted with his contact, after an error of second baseman, thru infield and our runner scored.  Hroši scored one in second, but with a double by Tokunaka and single by Andrej Horváth we tied the score. In fourth we were ahead one, but again home team scored one and game was tied for next couple innings. Steady performance by both pitchers and defenses made the game thrilling. In sixth inning Hroši scored twice after our two errors. In eight Matejov came in for Ortega, but after two walks Strapko stood on the mound. Hroši used to fast pitches scored four times. On our last at bat we scored just once and game ended 4:9 for Hroši.

Even we are still with no Victory our performance was the best this season and game was tight till the very end. We would like to admire Arturo Ortega and Yuusyun Tokunaka for their performance. We keep practicing harder and harder and results will come. 🙂

We travel to Jihlava for next game against Sokol Bedřicho on Sunday 04.06.


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