Flying success in National Team Tryouts

Published 10. April 2013

National team schedule for 2013 is pretty full in every category. After long 13 years are in the game also Fighting Flies players.

Jakub Kyseľ and Denis Hatvany are in the U15 National Team. Their talent means that our newly build field in Devinska Nova Ves will have 
first localy raised National team members.

Andreas Keller and Patrik Beňa have their place in U18 National Team. Both of them are a promise of the long time expected generation change in the Men´s Team of Fighting Flies.

Men´s National Team has tested five Fighting Flies. In the conditioning fitness tryouts were very successfull Andreas Keller and Tomáš Hatala (3rd and 4th in total stats!!!). Also Dušan Nitschneider, Martin Kováč and Jakub Mello haven´t done the shame. All five of them attended the Easter Tryouts in Brno and the final 24 players nomination for European Championship in Vienna this summer, will be announced in next few days.




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