Goodsports International Slovakia

Slovak-American non-profit organization Go­odSports International Slovakia operates in Devínska Nová Ves since 1994. It focuses on the creation of leisure activities for children and youth by organizing sports trainings, tournaments, summer camps, as well as cultural events, e.g. concerts, film productions, and family picnics.

Parents that are working cannot always be there for their kids and problems might arise because of that. Kids without supervision like to “wander” and spend time with people they probably shouldn’t and that can lead to activities such as drugs, criminal and other undesirable activities. Many years of experience in organizing our activities confirm their accuracy. Exposing our kids to sports, ethical and aesthetic activities offers them other options to self-realization.
The sponsor of the program is Thomas Raymond Johnson, a former professional baseball player.

Our key activity is baseball, and it has been so from the very beginning. It is led by American professional coaches and Slovak coaches and volunteers. The field by the elementary school of Ivana Bukovčana 3 became our “home“ field. We try to provide a year-round program, which means that we train during the autumn and winter too but we are inside, in the gym in the elementary school of Ivana Bukovčana 1 and 3. We play baseball as well as football, floorball and basketball. During the summer break, we organize a big baseball camp in Bojnice as well as baseball/sports and English daily camp (Monday till Friday) in Devínska Nová Ves. In addition to the regular practices we also provide a afterschool program, a so called “club house” where the kids can do their homework or play with their friends.
We provide our program (practices, club house) free of charge as we want to have as many kids as possible and all the kids that want to come. Every year we have a chance to participate in many matches and tournaments in Hungary based on our good cooperation with GoodSports International Hungary and other baseball teams in Hungary. We also organize a minicamp during the autumn and floorball and football tournament during the autumn break.

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