Inside the park homerun – Posledný Strikeout 2017 – participants introduction

Published 15. August 2017

Few moments after final list of participants was published, we received many questions about IPH as they are unknown for teams in Morava and Slovakia. What, or who is behind this shortcut?

Inside the park homerun was founded by former Czech Juniors National team players with main purpose to participate at the season-end tournament in Czech Republic: Poslední homerun. They won this tournament twice and three times got the Last homerun award. (2x Jan Novák and 1x Lukáš Holub – both pitchers). Currently young players from Kotlářka Praha – team playing Czech Extra league and former players are the core of this team. Poslední homerun is for them the only chance to play the sport, they love so much.

When founder and head-coach Richard Jarošík met our team at PIBC in Prague we agreed, that they will join our tournament in Bratislava. Enjoy the sport with no stress and in group of people they put together is the main idea of this team.

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