Last Strikeout (Newsletter no. 2)

Published 21. July 2017

As mentioned already, this year it will be czech-slovak tournament. Because of big interest nine teams will participate.


What´s new?

Tournament is now named Posledný Striketou – Dušan Šišolák Memorial
Dušan Šišolák our Honorary President, big supporter and fan. Passed away last year in November and on 15.09. he would celebrate his 74th birthday.
We decided to honor his name and all his work this way.

There will be some presents from our sponsors for MVP –  Baseart, Best pitcher –, Best hitter –  YAYA.
Last strikeout award will be presented by Pijo Bijo.

Teams are divided into three groups:
Group A:
Fighting Flies Bratislava
BK Martin
Tempo Titans C

Group B:
Pelikans Bučovice
Brickfield Bratislava
Aligátoři Znojmo

Group C:
Skokani Olomouc B
BK Seals Košice
Inside the park homerun

We will introduce each team later on as well as game system and schedule will be presented.

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