No W´s for Cadets this weekend

Published 9. April 2017

Short report about first cadets double-header by Tomáš Kečo Sedláček:
(sorry for the mistakes from our translator)

After the longest winter pre-season ever (practices started in October already) GSIFF played their first DH in 2017 Season against Apollo Bratislava. But for many players were some positions for first time ever.

We focused on pitching, which is the key position. Matej Režňák as a starting pitcher (it was his very first perfomance ever) did a pretty good job together with Maťo Gieci as a catcher. Other pitcher did their average, but we will work on that. We were disappointed by easy errors in defence, hard to believe they happened. Our defense errors caused many runs. Below average perfomance at bat with few runs (and many of them because of walks).
But let me pick-up some individuals for performance: Andrej Majer – except one error in defence played very well. Agressive baseruning with most runs from the team. Jožo “Tondo” Balog, player comming from DNV soccer team and at his very first practice caught ground ball to the face from the coach. Played his very first game and was a very nice surprise at bat and on the field.  Matej Režnák on the mound, Janči ,,Johnny“ Pavlov – went in after three innings as a catcher  for his first time basically without any practice he did quite good. I wish, his knees will last more than two innings.
Hope, that after next two games in Trnava (22/04) I should be able to evalute team work, so everyone will do his/her best in the field and at bat, cause everyone could do better.

Apollo vs GSIFF 15:11
Apollo vs GSIFF 15:5

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