Published 26. June 2013

Because of Jánossomorja Rascals signed out of the tournament the organisation committee was forced to do the following changes:

1) each team playes against each other – 4 games per team in the tournament

2)  game duration: 95mins, after 90mins no new inning will start

New Schedule:

Sat   June 29th  

09:00                          KSB Wroclaw vs.  Tempo Titans

10:50                       Aligátoři Znojmo vs.  Dresden Dukes

12:40                           Tempo Titans vs.  Aligátoři Znojmo

14:30       Fighting Flies Bratislava vs.  KSB Wroclaw

16:20                    Aligátoři Znojmo vs.  Fighting Flies Bratislava

18:10                        Dresden Dukes vs.  Tempo Titans


Sun  June 30th  

09:30            Fighting Flies Bratislava vs.  Dresden Dukes

11:20                                KSB Wroclaw vs.  Aligátoři Znojmo

13:10                             Dresden Dukes vs.  KSB Wroclaw

15:00                              Tempo Titans vs.  Fighting Flies Bratislava

17:00                                            Closing ceremony


All changes at: http://www.titans.cz/pibc

Thanks to the organising committee for their promt reaction. 🙂

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