Posledný Strikeout 2017 (Dušan Šišolák Memorial) – results

Published 19. September 2017

Weekend is over. Field is cleaned, covered, no sign of biggest club tournament was there on Saturday still. Tournament which began three years ago as few friendly matches between teams willing to play few games before the end of the season…

Original schedule promised three days of good baseball by four Czech and four Slovak teams. But weather decided differently, even we were expecting that a little, but still hoping to play all eighteen scheduled games. Two thirds was played, which is by unpredictable fall weather a success.

Group games results:

FRIDAY 15.09.           GN   HOME   VISITORS   RESULT
09:00 – 10:20: B2-B1 Brickfield Bratislava Pelikans Bučovice 2-0
10:35 – 11:55: A1-A2 Fighting Flies BK Martin 15-0
12:10 – 13:30: *A1-A4 Skokani Olomuc B Fighting Flies 0-5
13:45 – 15:05: B1-B3 Pelikans Bučovice Aligátoři Znojmo 6-4
15:20 – 16:40: A2-A4 Skokani Olomuc B BK Martin 9-2
16:55 – 18:15: B3-B4 BK Seals Košice Aligatori Znojmo 0-5
SATURDAY: 16.09.                     GN   HOME   VISITORS   RESULT
09:00 – 10:20: B1-B4 BK Seals Košice Pelikans Bučovice 10-7
10:35 – 11:55: A3-A4 Tempo Titans C Skokani Olomouc B 1-2
12:10 – 13:30: B1-B2 Brickfield Bratislava BK Seals Košice 3-1
13:45 – 15:05: A1-A3 Fighting Flies Tempo Titans C 3-6
15:20 – 16:40: B2-B3 Aligatori Znojmo Brickfield Bratislava 6-0
16:55 – 18:15: A2-A3 BK Martin Tempo Titans C 6-0

Group standings:

1. Fighting Flies Bratislava 1. Aligatori Znojmo
2. Tempo Titans C 2. Brickfield Bratislava
3. Skokani Olomouc B 3. BK Seals Kosice
4. BK Martin 4. Pelikans Bučovice


Last game in each group selected rankings for semi-final and final standing games. But we had no clue, that these results will select final standings of the tournament.

Final standing games were scheduled for Sunday (but without Pelikans Bučovice and Skokani Olomouc B, as these teams decided to head home early). Forecast was looking good on Sunday morning, but heavy rain decided – no games. This was the moment where scorers and statistics determined winners of individual awards and teams positioning.

Individual Awards:
(by Baseart): Heliam Alvaréz (Fighting Flies Bratislava)
Best hitter(by YaYa): Jiří Kohutka (Aligátoři Znojmo)
Best pitcher (by baseball-softball.cz): Jan Brož (Aligátoři Znojmo)
Last Strikeout (by Pijo Bio): Erik Olešňan (BK Martin)

Final standing:

1. Aligátoři Znojmo
2. Fighting Flies Bratislava
3. Tempo Titans C
4. Brickfield Bratislava
5. BK Seals Košice
6. BK Martin
7. Skokani Olomouc B
8. Pelikans Bučovice


We would like to thank to all teams for participation, their players for great performance, umpires, scorers, photographers and Fighting Flies members for organization and work at the tournament, our families to allow us to spend whole weekend at the field, all partners which secured that tournament went well, sponsors – without them such an event would not be organised, fans – who attended or were watching our tournament online…if we forgot mention somebody, we are truly sorry, cause there is so many of you helping… once again, to all of you: THANKS!

Congratulations to : Aligátoři Znojmo and we believe to see you next year, congratulations to players for Individual Awards.

Check our Gallery for 480 pictures from our three photographers. Later on, we are preparing some interesting numbers of the tournament. In the meantime, you can check complete stats here: http://baseballstats.sk/2017/STRIKE/confstat.htm

It should have been the end of season for Fighting Flies men´s team, but we received an Invitiaton for tournament in Znojmo, therefore we will put on our winter hats and fight for Kuchařovice Major´s Cup.

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