Seals Košice – Posledný Strikeout 2017 – participants introduction

Published 9. August 2017

Seals Košice celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2014, like us. Now, their are the only baseball team in Eastern Slovakia. Good and bad times in the past, like we had, twice moving their field, which is painful for everyone involved.

1997 and 1998 Slovak league was divided to three divisions (West, Central and East). Seals won twice East division. Juniors and cadets finished second in their national leagues. After split the men competition to Extraleague, 1st league and Interleague, the team played one season in Interleague, later 1st League. Now, as national seniors league does not exist, team is playing tournaments and friendly games. Seals are now focusing to youth categories as cadets are playing National league.

If you read whole history at, you will find out, that our clubs has many things in common.

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