Season 2017 Men – all you need to know + schedule

Published 7. March 2017

Dear fans,
(schedule is available at the bottom of this article)

Men´s schedule is 95% done, we just need to fix one date of game against Draci Brno C and after that, hopefully there will be nothing in our way to enjoy this season.

Our roster went through some changes, but that happen´s every year and after winter pre-season practices, while we set-up batting cage in the gym for the very first time and have been practicing hitting very hard (hope it will bring some good hits on the field), we can´t wait to run on the field. Of course, before that on 26.03. together with cadets, softball players and juveniles from GoodSports we scheduled a big field work. If you have nothing to do on that Sunday, you are more than welcome to join us. There is lot´s of work for everyone. 🙂

Weekend after we start already with (02.04.) a pre-season game against Brickfield Bratislava. It´s hard to expect lovely baseball, cause it´s not sure at all if we will be able due to the weather practice on the field before.

07.04. after a very long time we travel to Znojmo, Czech Republic for three days Spring training which will end on Sunday with a pre-season friendly game against Aligatori Znojmo.

Easter holiday is free, so we can spend some time with our families, but weekend after we play our first season game against Olympia Blansko (23.04.).

First two Mondays of May (bank holidays) we travel to Kraví hora in Brno, where we play against (01.05.) Technika Reds and (08.05.) against Moravská beseda. Technika is not an easy team to play with. Last year we lost against Moravska beseda in last inning, therefore we would like to take this Victory back this year.

13.05. First regular season home game it is against Hroši Brno C, team which plays on our field regularly and it is always a good baseball to watch. 28.05. we will be back in Brno, this time at Hroch sports area, where we play Hroši Brno B.

Two games are planned for June: 04.06. at Sokol Bedřichov and 18.06. in Olomouc against Skokani B.


Just before summer break (30.06 – 02.07.) we hit Prague for Prague International Baseball Cup, as this will be our sixth year attending and everyone is looking forward to it.

July and half of August is free of games, just before play-off we should be attending two tournaments: 12.08-13.08. Middle of Season in Bučovice and Toreros Cup in Topoľčany.

Play-off JMOP is scheduled to 03.09 a 10.09.

End of Season will be, like for last two years already, at home field and our tournament Posledný Strikeout (Last Striketout)

2017 Schedule Men for download: 2017 FFB Season Men
All about the league, standings and results are here: JMOP


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