Skokani Olomouc – Posledný Strikeout 2017 – participants introduction

Published 18. August 2017

Reserve of Skokani Olomouc (Extraleague team from Czech Republic) was founded in 2005, when huge group of junior players reached the manhood but A-team had enough players. They did not want to end their career B-team was founded. Some Skokani´s legends joined as well: Jiří Sedláček, Roman Drápal, Pavel Šarník.

In their very first season Skokani B made it to Českomoravská liga, but this license after agreement inside the club was passed to Patriots Liberec and Skokani B had to wait for another success untill 2007, when they made it to ČML and in season 2008 officially played.

in 2011-2013 Skokani B did not exist due to lack of players. Comeback came in 2013 when team joined Severomoravský oblastný přebor, but only one game was played. Since 2014 Skokani B joined Jihomoravský přebor and participates at Middle of Season and Posledný Strikeout. In 2017 team played Czech baseball cup too.

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