Sokol Bedřichov vs. Fighting Flies

Published 5. June 2017

Finally! First victory in regular season. The one from: “Must Win” category and we did it. But from the beginning… 🙂

We put into the game the best we have. Complete game by Yuusyun Tokunaka is the highlight of yesterday. His pitching was a struggle for our opponent. 13K´s are self-explanatory.
9 hits, 26 stolen bases, but also 6 errors, but we know, how to work to avoid them.

Game started as usual. We scored twice in first, one in second. But Bedřichov scored twice in second and game started to be thrilling a little. Third inning was with no runs, in fourth we scored once. In fith Bedřichov made a pitcher change, but we were not able to score. Sixth inning – big inning: we scored 11 runs. Bedřichov scored one in seventh and game was over by mercy rule with score 16:3 for us.

This weekend is free, next week we  go to Brno for night game at MBS on Thursday 15th June at 19:30 and last regular season game is scheduled on 18.06. in Olomouc.


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