Spring Training 2018 – Topolčany

Published 10. April 2018

Last year´s idea with Spring training was pretty good, so we decided to do it this year again. With hope in better weather and higher temperatures, we hit the road in the count of 15 players. Main goal was to integrate new players to the team, practice hard before new season and find weaknesses of the team.

We chose Topolčany this year as we know the field very well and thanks to Arturo well care we have. Three training units and two pre-season games were scheduled.

On Friday, right after arrival, we started with short run and stretching. Went thru baseruning basics, infielders and outfielders drills. Unit ended with easy kilometer run.

First Saturday training unit we took condition and coordination drills. After that, players split per positions (pitchers, catchers, infielders, outfielders) and practiced different situations and signals. After lunch defensive signals practice continued together with bunt defense, cutoff throws from the outfield and other defensive situations. This unit ended with batting practice.

Two pre-season games scheduled for Sunday. Main goal of these games was to try all pitchers, catchers and few players on different positions. First game vs. BK Tornádo Martin and our first season win 10:0. But weak hitters of our oponent gave us no hard time in defense, even though we had some good defensive plays.

Faster pitcher in game two vs. Brickfield Bratislava was completely different. Our hitters were not able to break the pitches and we ended with couple hits only. Result 0:7 it´s self-explanatory.

Spring training fulfilled its purpose, showed our weaknesses and we know, where to work harder, so we can face Technika Reds on Sunday little better (we hope).


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