Tempo Titans Praha – Posledný Strikeout 2017 – participants introduction

Published 24. August 2017

Last Czech team coming to Bratislava this year is Tempo Titans Praha. Well known team and players for us as we meet regularly every year in Prague for their tournament.

“Céčko” – part of baseball club Tempo Titans Praha, team composed mostly of players with families and job, playing baseball for fun. Guys are together more than 15 years, playing Prague regional league and few tournaments. Organizer of Prague International Baseball Cup – of which we are part of for six years now.

Tempo Titans Praha established in 1963, one of very first Czech baseball Association members. During the existence club went thru some connections with other teams. Last one in 2001 with Tegola Chemia Praha brought Extraleague to the Tempo field, where it is played with couple breaks ever since. Thanks to intensive try-out activities and work with kids is Tempo the biggest in Prague in number of registered members and teams in competitions.

Titans finally accepted our Invitation and we are looking forward to see them in Bratislava

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