Toreros Cup 2013

Published 6. August 2013

Like every year for the fourth time at the end of August a Toreros cup in Topoľčany will take place. Participating teams from Slovakia and still waiting for the final victory: Piratas del Caribe from Austria. Fighting Flies will not miss this year either. You can find here the complete schedule and information about this year:

Toreros Topoľčany (TOR)
Brickfield Bratislava (BRI)
BK Seals Košice (BKK)
Piratas Del Caribe Viedeň (PIR)
Fighting Flies Bratislava (FFB)

Saturday 24.08.2013:
09:00 TOR-BKK
10:50 BRI-PIR
12:40 FFB-BRI
14:30 BKK-FFB
16:20 PIR-TOR
18:10 BRI-BKK

Sunday 25.08.2013:
10:00 PIR-FFB
11:50 TOR-BRI
13:30 BKK-PIR
15:20 FFB-TOR
– game duration 90min
– each team is twice home and twice visitor
– 20min break between the games for the field clean-up

– No of W´s, mutual match, score will decide the tournament champion

See you in Topoľčany!

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