Toreros Cup 2013 – Standings

Published 9. September 2013

Piratas (finally) won! Flies second.

First two years they lost in the final game agains us and last year against Trnava. This year in the "early final" game on Sunday morning we have lost by one run in the last inning and it was clear that victory over Košice would let the cup travel to Vienna. It happened and Piratas become this year Champion. Congratulations!

Final Standings:
1. Piratas del Caribe
2. Fighting Flies Bratislava
3. BK Seals Košice
4. Brickfield Bratislava
5. Toreros Topoľčany

We would like to say thank you for the invitation and organization to the home team Toreros. Hope to see you next year.
Few pics here:

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