Toreros Cup 2017

Published 25. August 2017

In less than one hour starts the oldest international baseball tournament in Slovakia: Toreros Cup 2017. Teams from Hungary, Austria and Slovakia are divided to two groups.

Group A:

Piratas del Caribe (AUT)
Fighting Flies Bratislava (SVK)
BK Martin (SVK)

Group B:
BK Seals Košice (SVK)
Stinky Sox Jászberény (HUN)
Toreros Topoľčany (SVK)

Game system: teams play each other in the group for 90 minutes. Top two in each group play semifinals. On Sunday games for 5th, 3rd and 1st place are scheduled. We start tomorrow morning at 10:00 against Piratas del Caribe, at 13:00 vs. BK Martin. We´ll try to provide play-by-play link at FB tomorrow. There is also full schedule available.

Compare to roster from Bučovice, we have few changes:
Martin Strapko
Tomáš Rebro
Yuusyun Tokunaka
Michal Šišolák
Denis Hatvany
Roman Maček
Dávid Achberger
Martin Beňa
Daniel Predajňa
Ondrej Horváth
Ján Laluha
Martin Kováč
Branislav Vaniher

Another hard weekend ahead of us! 🙂

#gofflies #toreroscup

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