Toreros Cup 2018

Published 16. August 2018

Most hectic baseball week in Bratislava is over and now, we can focus on one of the season highlight: Toreros Cup
8th annual year of oldest tournament in Slovakia will take place next week in Topoľčany. The draw promises good baseball as always:

Group A:
Piratas del Caribe (AUT)
Tornádo Martin (SVK)
Toreros Topoľčany (SVK)

Group B:
Fighting Flies Bratislava (SVK)
Seals Košice (SVK)
Stinky Sox Jászberény (HUN)


Friday 24.08.
13:00 Fighting Flies Bratislava – Stinky Sox Jászberény
15:00 Toreros Topoľčany – Tornádo Martin
17:00 Seals Košice – Fighting Flies Bratislava

Saturday 25.08.
10:00 Tornádo Martin – Piratas del Caribe Wien
12:00 Piratas del Caribe Wien -Toreros Topoľčany
14:00 Stinky Sox Jászberény – Seals Košice

16:00 Semifinals: A1 – B2
18:00 Semifinals: B1 – A2

Sunday 26.08.
10:00 5th place game
12:00 3rd place game
14:00 1st place game (7 innings)

After almost two months break from baseball it´s hard to tell what are our chances for final standings, but we would like to play the very last game on Sunday 🙂

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