Upcoming Schedule of all categories

Published 4. June 2013

Upcoming Schedule of all categories


This upcoming weekend our A-team will play the last two games of Interleague regular season at the field in Podunajské Biskupice against Apollo Bratislava. Now we know that few players from the core line-up will be missing due their work duties. But young players will get the chance to play and get some experiences. Peter Nitschnedier is about to play after his injury at least as a DH and we might seen Lukáš Králik on the mound for the first time in the season.


First league team Toreros has scheduled a doubleheader against White Angels from Trnava in Topoľčany. Cadets will face Apollo Bratislava at June 12th in Podunajské Biskupice. Our softball girls hosting in Pezinok would play last games also in Podunajské Biskupice this weekend.


Cadets have to play doubleheader in Košice where they should travel on June 22nd and doubleheader against Trnava. Toreros have four more postponed games and four as scheduled. We will keep you posted about the dates.

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