We know the 2013 Schedule!

Published 6. April 2013

After a long and hard negotations we have the final Interleague 2013 Schedule. This upcomming year brings some changes – most important is that the League has been extended by Croatian Teams (Karlovac, Split, Varazdin, Zagreb). Our Team will play against traditional rivals (Trnava, Slovan, Apollo) and Hungarian Teams (Obuda, Szentendre and Erd) as well as against the teams we normally meet at the European Championships. Sadly our partner team Janossomorja Rascals will not play the season due to the financial and personal reasons.

Whole regular season will be played in April-June (seven weekends) and in the Fall is scheduled the Interleague Final and Slovak Play-Off.

Requirements of each national federation has changed the games organization as well. Against Hungarian and Croatian teams we will play one 9inn game and with our Slovak rivals we will play a double-header (9 and 7 inn). Home field of Fighting Flies Bratislava this year is again a field in Janossomorja, Hungary.

We start at April 13th!!! You can find our schedule in Calendar. Complete Schedule will be available shortly.


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