Work on the field continues

Published 3. June 2013

Allthough it may seem that work on the field „fell asleep“ the opposite is true. Field is open for school and baseball practices. Even at the first sight

is clear that we take care of our grass regulary. We keep cuting, rolling and thanks to the rain watering completely. Street art painting is already on the soundproof wall and

since last weekend it is fully functional as a climbing wall too. These days the terrain work on the outfield hill is about to end. We have a plan to change the homerun fence to green

just like Wrigley Field  in Chicago. Next to the entrance the new outdoor gym is about to be open in couple weeks.


Irrigation project is ready, currently the well test in progress. Realization of Little league field dugouts project supported by Nadácia Allianz should be done this week too. Last month we have done

our every year event: „Clay pick-up Bratislava“ where thanks to Lukáš Králik we were able to collect around 30 tons of clay which has to be supplemented with new one that after end of the school year

we can give a heart to our field in the form of diamond.

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